The 2022 edition of Krakow Film Festival will start on May 29th and end on June 5th. This is the 62nd edition of KFF. The Krakow Film Festival is European Film Awards qualifying and Academy Awards qualifying with the prizes Golden Dragon for Best Short Film, Silver Dragon for Best Short Animated Film, Silver Dragon for Best Short Fiction Film.

See the program with all details here on their website, and let’s see the shorts.

Fiction Shorts

  • 10:45 by Giorgi Gogichaishvili (Georgia)
  • Caterpillar by Marcus Anthony Thomas (United Kingdom)
  • Chiatura by Toby Andris (Georgia)
  • Ruthless by Matthew McGuigan (Ireland)
  • Gila Who Walks Alone by Yuval Shapira (France, Israel)
  • Live by Baggio Jiang (China)
  • No Ghost in the Morgue by Marilyn Cooke (Canada)
  • Mandatory Presence by Adam Ziajski (Poland)
  • Snowdrops at the End of the Train by Galina Georgieva (Bulgaria)
  • The Swarmers by Alison Kuhn (Germany)
  • To The Sea by Lin Po-Yu (Taiwan)
  • Victoria by Karolina Porcari (Poland)
  • The Sea Bride by Mohammed Ateeq (Bahrain)

Animated Shorts

  • A Brief History of Us by Etgar Keret (Poland)
  • A Goat’s Spell by Gerhard Funk (Germany)
  • Cherry Bone by Evgenia Gostrer (Germany)
  • Impossible Figures and Other Stories I by Marta Pajek (Poland, Canada)
  • Holy Holocaust by Osi Wald, Noa Berman-Herzberg (Israel)
  • Home of the Heart by Sarah Saidan (France)
  • In His Mercy by Christoph Büttner (Germany)
  • Love, Dad by Diana Cam Van Nguyen (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • Luce and the Rock by Britt Raes (Belgium, France, The Netherlands)
  • Menagerie by Jack Gray (USA)
  • Til We Meet Again by Ülo Pikkov (Estonia)
  • Fortress by Sławek Zalewski (Poland)
  • Without Us by Julie Engaas (Norway)

Documentary Shorts

  • Anna by Julia Roesler (Germany)
  • Hardcore by Adán Aliaga (Spain)
  • How Do You Measure A Year? by Jay Rosenblatt (USA)
  • It’s Time You Died Already by Hadar Morag (Israel)
  • Laboratory No. 2 by Edris Abdi, Aware Omer (Iraq, Iran)
  • Forests by Simon Plouffe (Canada)
  • Maldita. A Love Song to Sarajevo by Raúl de la Fuente Calle, Amaia Ramirez (Spain)
  • Moody by Tomasz Ratter, Karolina Karwan (Poland)
  • Call Me Mommy by Tara O’Callaghan (Ireland)
  • Parizad by Mehdi Imani Shahmiri (Iran)
  • The Dream of a Horse by Marjan Khosravi (Iran)
  • Strigov by Barbora Bereznakova (Slovakia)
  • Warrawong by Simon Target (Australia)