The 2022 edition of RiverRun International Film Festival started on April 21st and ended on 30th. The festival is Academy Award Qualifying with the prizes Best Documentary Short, Best Animated Short. Winners were announced and you can find them all at this link on their website, we are only listing shorts as always!

Narrative Shorts winners

Best Narrative Short
Hallelujah by Victor Gabriel

Best Student Narrative Short
Not the 80s by Marleen Valien

Honorable Mention (Comedy)
S.O.S. by Sarah Hafner

Honorable Mention (Horror)
Skin & Bone by Eli Powers

Documentary Shorts winners

Best Documentary Short
The Sentence of Michael Thompson by Haley Elizabeth Anderson, Kyle Thrash

Honorable Mentions
Holding Moses by Rivkah Beth Medow
Stranger at the Gate by Joshua Seftel

Special Jury Award for Visual Storytelling
His Name Was Cargo by Marco Signoretti

Animated Shorts winners

Best Animated Short
The Clearing by Daniel Hope

Best Student Animated Film
Yallah! by Cécile Adant, Renaud de Saint Albin, Candice Behague, Nayla Nassar, Edouard Pitula, Anaïs Sassatelli

Honorable Mention
Prosopagnosia by Steven Fraser