The 2022 edition of Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG | Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara) started on June 10th and will end on 18th. Held in Mexico, this is the 37th edition of the festival, which is Academy Award Qualifying with the prizes Best Iberoamerican Short Film, Best Mexican Animated Short Film.

Find the official selection here and let’s see the shorts!

Ibero-American Fiction Short Films

  • Air by Kenya Márquez (Mexico)
  • Au Pair by David Pérez Sañudo (Spain)
  • Maidenhood by Xóchitl Enríquez Mendoza (Mexico)
  • Concrete and Steel by Oriol Villar (Spain)
  • Lunch Break by Nina Kopko (Brazil)
  • Gemini by Orlando Mora Cabrera (Cuba)
  • Night Light by Kim Torres (Costa Rica)
  • Tropicalía by Rodney Llaverías (Dominican Republic)
  • One Way Journey by José Gómez De Vargas (Dominican Republic, Netherlands, United Kingdom)
  • Soldier by Francisco Sánchez Solís (Mexico)

Ibero-American Documentary Short Films

  • …Esperanza by Mayra Veliz (Mexico)
  • Farewell, Calon by João Borges (Brazil)
  • Water in the Gills by Marco Schiavon (Portugal)
  • Fire Within the Sky by Mariano Rentería Garnica (Mexico)
  • There’s Something I Haven’t Said by Massiel Hernández (Mexico)
  • To Go Away And Come Back by José Permar (Mexico, Belgium, Hungary)
  • Memory by Nerea Barros (Spain)
  • Don’t Worry by Juan Vicente Manrique (Mexico)
  • Sine Die by Camila Moreiras (Spain)
  • XAR – Obsidian Dream by Edgar Calel, Fernando Pereira dos Santos (Brazil)