The 2022 edition of Sheffield DocFest (Sheffield International Documentary Festival) will open on June 23rd and end on 28th. SDF is Academy Award Qualifying with the prize Sheffield Short Doc Award.

Visit their website for all the programs as we are only listing shorts!

International Short Competition

  • 1 kilo – 3 euros by Ani Mrelashvili (Germany)
  • Aunt, a Tricycle by Siru Wen (China, USA)
  • Calling Cabral by Welket Bungué (Guinea-Bissau, Portugal, Brazil)
  • Fawley by Chu-Li Shewring, Adam Gutch (United Kingdom)
  • Happiness is £4 Million by Weixi Chen, Kai Wei (China, USA)
  • How to See the Night by Maria Casas Castillo (Portugal, Hungary, Belgium)
  • Leaves of K. by Gloria Carrión (Nicaragua, Costa Rica)
  • Mirrors by Paul Daly (United Kingdom)
  • The Family Statement by Grace Harper, Kate Stonehill (USA, United Kingdom)
  • The Joys and Sorrows of Young Yuguo by Ilinca Calugareanu (USA, United Kingdom)
  • The Rightful by Ana Galizia (Brazil)