The 2022 edition of Huesca International Film Festival (Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca) opened on June 10th and ended on 18th. Huesca International Film Festival is Academy Award Qualifier with the prizes International Short Film Contest – Danzante Award, Latin American Short Film Contest – Danzante Award, Documentary Short Film Contest – Danzante Award.

Winners were announced, find the complete Palmarès on their website, also including details on prizes, and let’s see the best shorts!

Iberoamerican Contest

First Prize – Iberoamerican Danzante Award
Kun bi by Agamenón Quintero, Jorge Eliécer Alfaro (Colombia)

‘Cacho Pallero’ Iberoamerican Danzante Award
Harta by Júlia de Paz Solvas (Spain)

‘Alberto Sánchez’ Iberoamerican Danzante Award
Vientos de Primavera by Carmen Pedrero (Spain)

International Contest

First Prize – International Danzante Award
Solarium by Jonathan Koulavsky (France)

‘Jinete Ibérico’ Animation International Award
Miracasas by Raphaelle Stolz (Switzerland, France)

International Debut Danzante
朵丽 / Duo Li by Zou Jing (China, Hong Kong, Singapore)

‘Francisco García De Paso’ Human Values Mention
Die Unsichtbare Grenze by Mark Gerstorfer (Austria)

Special Mention
Tierra by Gustavo Gamero (Mexico)

Documentary Contest

First Prize – Documentary Danzante Award
You Can’t Automate Me by Katarina Jazbec (Netherlands, Slovenia)

‘José Manuel Porquet’ Iberoamerican Documentary Danzante
ไม่มีแสงแนวระนาบ (A Plena Vista) by Luis Palomino Benítez (Mexico, Thailand)

Special Mention
Milý Tati (Love, Dad) by Diana Cam Van Nguyen (Czech Republic, Slovakia)

Best Script

La Loca y el Feminista by Sandra Gallego (Spain)