A security guard sees potential in a young kid on the basketball court that he locks up.

ROOKIE is able to tell a lot with so little time and almost no dialogues, just a few lines, that are all it needs to convey this touching story. A security guard is in charge of a basketball court: he locks it up in the evening, he opens it in the morning, and checks the security cameras from his office, while he also watches basketball matches to pass his time. When he notices a kid playing alone, not able to use the basketball court because of the team always inside, he starts seeing something in him… The ending of ROOKIE is very cute and manages to be full of good intentions without being cheesy: one evening, the guard simply ‘forgets’ so properly lock up the court, giving the kid some time to finally train with his basketball. Then we get to see the guard, in his office as always, but clearly older, happy to see that kid on TV playing a great match. ROOKIE is about kindness and believing. A cute short to watch.

ROOKIE was in selection at LA Shorts, In The Palace Film Festival, Balcan Panorama Film Festival, Athens International Kids Film Festival.

Director: Alex Tsilifonis
Country: Greece, United Kingdom
Year: 2020
Running time: 6