Amarcort Film Festival, founder of Short is Worth, organizes every year since 2015 an event called Giro del Mondo in 80 Corti (Around the World in 80 Short Films): it is a monthly event which brings the audience on a tour around the world in short films.

The audience votes their favorite film each month and then, during the last ‘stage’ of the tour, all the winners from the past months compete to be the most liked of the year.

The fifth event will happen on June 22th at Piazza Sull’Acqua – Ponte di Tiberio in Rimini, from 6 p.m.

This event is in collaboration with Cartoon Club and is dedicated to children.

Let’s see the playlist!

  • Surprise by Silvester Zwaneveld (Netherlands)
  • Un mal pour un bien by Léanne Pfeiffer, Samuel Desert, Maxime Liquard, Enola Durand, Olivier Radola, Maëlys Poulet, Clément Estrade, Quentin Wallaert (France)
  • Hold Up by Alice Bauer, Eddie Juge, Lola Tedeschi, Lucie Dias Da Costa, Florian Lanzalotta, Perrine Phelizon, Lucie Thomas, Anne-Lise Darcis (France)
  • Kreiz ar mor by Aurélie Arnoux, Louis Even, Sasha Hequet, Victoire Jauzion, Luca Kraether, Luc Martinez, Clara Mourez, Floriane Vernhes (France)
  • Merry Big Mess by Sacha Gosselin, Ambre Bohin, Timothé ballan, Amaury Emond, Hugo Joron, Arthur Morle, Antoine Tomasi, Clémence Van Gout (France)
  • Mésozoïque Alternatif by Swann Boby, Lucie Laudrin, Marion Métivier, Léna Miguet, Sixtine Sanrame, Marie Schaeffer (France)
  • Operation Tigerpool by Corentin Balthazard, Hans Vrignault, Rayan Bakri, Antoine Joly, Alessio Ballerini, Louis Clairefond, Hong Hoa Doan Ngoc (France)
  • Prise de Bec by Cristan Caillet, Thomas Cebadero, Fanny Garcia, Emma Hernandez-Senat Billel Kellali, Chloé Lenarduzzi, Lucas Tarquini (France)
  • Spoon by Arthur Chays (France)
  • Vigurivänt Volli by Rao Heidmets (Estonia)