The 2022 edition of SIGGRAPH (SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival) started on August 8th and will end on 11th. The festival is Academy Award Qualifying with the prize Best in Show.

Here at this link you can find the program guide, let’s see the shorts!

Short Films

  • 3.5% by Lukas Bieri (Switzerland)
  • Alternate Mesozoic by Lucie Laudrin (France)
  • Attack on Mutant Plants by Laury Daunay (France)
  • BusLine35A by Elena Felici (Denmark)
  • The End of War by Lei Chen (China)
  • Enemies by Veselin Efremov (Denmark)
  • Orogenesis by Axel Vendrely (France)
  • Samurai Frog Golf by Brent Forrest (Japan)
  • The Seine’s Tears by Yanis Belaid (France)
  • The Soloists by Mehrnaz Abdollahinia (France)
  • Tell Me A Story by Sara Arzalier (France)
  • Under the Medal by Liu Ying-Ying (Taiwan)
  • Wet by Marianne Bergeonneau (France)
  • Yallah! by Nayla Nassar (France)
  • Zoon by Jonatan Schwenk (Germany)