Two cheaters deceive people on the phone and demand money. They call people at night and pretend to be their relatives, who are arrested and beg for money. This time a retired woman Mariia becomes their victim. She is ready to do everything to rescue her nephew Ihor from prison. But cheaters have no clue what is waiting for them after meeting the old helpless woman.

THE CALL is a brilliant short film, something between drama and comedy, with peaks of grotesque. First, we start with something tragic: a phone call to an old woman about her nephew. He has been arrested and needs some money to be left free with no consequences. We soon understand that the call is a scam from two cheaters and the “grandma” seems to be very desperate about her beloved’s future. But then, the setting changed: when the two men meet the old woman in an abandoned building, everything gets different, from the atmosphere to the shots. The very few moments inside the building are deliberately confusing as we are as surprised as the cheater and we follow the woman’s steps with growing curiosity. The special effects that follow just after that are really good and convincing and overall the “capture” scene is pretty good, grotesque and funny at the same time. While justice is done, we understand that the old woman is not helpless at all and is, in fact, a kind of superhero in her own way.

A very intriguing short film which we recommend to watch!

THE CALL won during the last stage of Amarcort’s Giro del Mondo and was in competition in Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art and more.

Title: THE CALL (Дзвінок)
Director: Kadim Tarasov
Country: Ukraine
Year: 2020
Running time: 7