The 2022 edition of Tirana International Film Festival will start today, September 24th and end on 30th. The festival is Academy Award Qualifying with the prize for Best Live Action Short Film, Short Animation and Student Short.

The official selection is listed at this link for all categories, let’s see the shorts!

Short Films Competition

Live Action Shorts

  • Atonement by Kaveh Akaber (Sweden)
  • Hold Up by Alex Rollins Berg (USA)
  • Incognito by Ravi Muppa (India)
  • Lucienne in a World Without Solitude by Geordy Couturiau (France)
  • Reykjavík by Irving Uribe Nares (Mexico)
  • The Gold Teeth by Alireza Kazemipour (Canada)
  • The Red Suitcase by Cyrus Neshvad (Luxembourg)
  • The Silent Whistle by Yingtong Li (China)
  • The Trunk by Morgan Guering (France)
  • Tria by Giulia Grandinetti (Italy)
  • Unjustified by Mohammad R. Khavari (Iran)
  • Wake by Luis Gerard (Puerto Rico, Canada)

Animation Shorts

  • A Most Exquisite Man by Jonas Taul (Estonia)
  • Elena by Birutė Sodeikaitė (Lithuania, France, Croatia)
  • Garrano by Vasco Sá, David Doutel (Portugal, Lithuania)
  • Ice Merchants by João Gonzalez (Portugal, France, United Kingdom)
  • In his Mercy by Christoph Büttner (Germany)
  • Loop by Pablo Polledri (Spain, Argentina)
  • Rest in Piece by Antoine Antabi (Germany, France, Qatar)
  • Scale by Joseph Pierce (France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Czech Republic)
  • Slow Light by Katarzyna Kijek, Przemysław Adamski (Poland, Portugal)
  • The Record by Jonathan Laskar (Switzerland)
  • Us by Nelson Fernandes (Portugal)
  • Wet by M. Bergeonneau, L. Montpert, M. Mandon, C. Peyrebrune, E. Taussac (France)

Short Documentaries

  • Adjusting by Dejan Petrović (Serbia)
  • Blue Dots by Lorenzo Squarcia (Italy)
  • Foam Horse by Juanjo Rueda (Spain)
  • Handbook by Pavel Mozhar (Germany, Belarus)
  • In Flow of Words by Eliane Esther Bots (Netherlands)
  • In Plain View by Luis Palomino (Mexico, Thailand)
  • Nicolae by Mihai Grecu (France)
  • Our Ark by Deniz Tortum, Kathryn Hamilton (Netherlands, USA, Turkey)
  • The Sower of Stars by Lois Patiño (Spain)
  • Under the Lake by Thanasis Trouboukis (Greece, Finland)
  • Will You Look at Me by Shuli Huang (China)

Video Art and Experimental Shorts

  • Abyss by Jeppe Lange (Denmark)
  • Amo by Emmanuel Gras (France)
  • At the Movie Theater! by Johanna Vaude (France)
  • Basin of Attraction by Jonathan Pêpe (France, Italy)
  • Continuity of Parks by Zhenia Kazankina (Russia)
  • Happy Life by Amélie Hardy (Canada)
  • Happy New Year, Jim by Andrea Gatopoulos (Greece)
  • Incipience by Yaroslav Bulavin (Russia)
  • Soliloquium by Karolina Monwid-Olechnowicz (Poland)

Students Competition


  • A Dead Marriage by Michał Toczek (Poland)
  • Falling Up by Maryam Bakhtiari (Iran)
  • Fatjona by Steve Bache (Germany)
  • Island of Freedom by Petr Januschka (Czech Republic)
  • Limbo by Ashraf Arshad (Singapore)
  • Na Lei by Qin Junjie, Li Yue (China)
  • Night Visit by Mya Kaplan (Israel)
  • The Boy Who Couldn’t Feel Pain by Eugen Merher (Germany)


  • A Place in Blue by Yi Seung-eon (South Korea)
  • Blessing in Disguise by Kevin Koch, Emma Holzapfel (Germany)
  • Butterfly Jam by Huang Shih-Yen (Taiwan)
  • Girl in the Water by Huang Shi-Rou (Taiwan)
  • Headprickles by Katarzyna Miechowicz (Poland)
  • Louise by C. Bertoux, C. Bozec, P. Guitton, P. Mauviere, M. Monaghan (France)
  • Orogenesis by A. Vendrely, D. Barthas, L. Delacroix, E. Gaillien, P. Legargeant, R. V. Hollebeke (France)
  • The Clearing by Daniel Hope (United Kingdom)
  • The House of Loss by Jeon Jinkyu (Japan, South Korea)
  • The Seine’s Tears by Y. Belaid, E. Benard, N. Mayeur, E. Moulin, H. Pinot, L. Vicente, Ph. Singer, A. Letailleur (France)
  • The Soloists by M. Abdollahinia, F. Woldehawariat, R. Issaka, C. Jamneck, Y. Liu (France)
  • The Uncertain Snow by M. Boisrond, M. L. Coumau, G. Legendre, A. Hernaez, R. Tisseau (France)
  • This will not be a Festival Film by Julia Orlik (Poland)
  • Yallah! by N. Nassar, E. Pitula, R. de St Albin, C. Adant, A. Sassatelli, C. Behague (France)


  • Aralkum by Daniel Asadi Faezi, Mila Zhluktenko (Uzbekistan, Germany)
  • Father’s Land by Francesco Di Gioia (Italy)
  • Homesick Lungs by Felix Klee (Germany)
  • My Period is Late by Cai Ning (Belgium)
  • Nothing to See Here by Nicolas Bouchez (Belgium, Portugal)
  • Soum by Alice Brygo (France)
  • Sounds of Weariness by Taymour Boulos (Lebanon, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary)


  • Before After by Filip Bojarski (Poland)
  • Darkness Within Darkness by Chia-Yun Wu (United Kingdom)
  • Homeland by J Frisch-Wang (USA)
  • Sleepless Far from Home by Axel Cuevas de Chaunac (Spain, Mexico, France)
  • The Land of Cruciform Sun by Aleš Zůbek (Czech Republic)

Balkan Shorts

  • 5pm Seaside by Valentin Stejskal (Austria, Greece)
  • A Night of Riots by Andreas Sheittanis (Cyprus)
  • Body Parts by Svetislav Dragomirović (Serbia)
  • Contactless by Göksel Tuzun (Turkey)
  • Do You See Me? by Jan Cvitkovič (Slovenia)
  • Fractal: Money Man by Zahid Çetinkaya (Turkey)
  • In the Name of the Father by Vladimir Dembinski (Romania)
  • Memoir of a Veering Storm by Sofia Georgovassili (Greece)
  • On Xerxes’ Throne by Evi Kalogiropoulou (Greece)
  • Sugar People by Suzana Dinevski (North Macedonia)
  • The Choice by Bahri Baykal (Turkey)
  • The Night Generation by Yasemin Demirci (Turkey)
  • Yama by Andreas Vakalios (Greece)

Albanian Shorts

  • Clara With a Mustache by Ilir Blakcori (Kosovo)
  • Diell by Rain Nikolla (Albania, France)
  • Gravity by Xhegi Dyrmishi (Albania)
  • Happy New Year 1982 by Sokol Keraj (Albania)
  • Shpija by Flaka Kokolli (Kosovo)
  • Spider’s Envy by Genti Korini | Albania (Albania)
  • The Black Pelicans by Luli Bitri | Albania (Albania)