The 2022 edition of Heartland International Film Festival will start on October 6th and end on 16th. Heartland Film Festival is Academy Award qualifying with the prizes Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short.

You can find the films at this link.

Short Films

  • New Moon by Jeremie Balais, Jeffig LeBars, Raul Domingo, Colman Domingo (USA, France)
  • North Star by P.J. Palmer (USA)
  • Black Slide by Uri Lotan (Israel, United Kingdom)
  • Stranger at the Gate by Joshua Seftel (USA)
  • Long Line of Ladies by Shaandiin Tome, Rayka Zehtabchi (USA)
  • A Prayer for My Mother: The Eva Brettler Story by Ruben Barrett, Raisa Effress, Sophia Evans, Lauren Fuchs, Katie Hadsock-Longarzo, Ian Kim, Eve Levy, Timothy Lim, Asher Meron, Marion Ochoa, Bella Rahi, Hank Schoen, Olivia Uzielli (USA)
  • Bacon ‘N’ Laces by Stephen Michael Simon (USA)
  • El Carrito by Zahida Pirani (USA)
  • GONE by Kyle Ward (USA)
  • An Irish Goodbye by Tom Berkeley, Ross White (Ireland)
  • Varken (Pig) by Jorn Leeuwerink (Netherlands)
  • My Soul To Take by Laura Vandervoot (Canada)
  • Groundhog Town by David Zucker (USA)
  • Conversations Between Shifts by Ben Basem (USA)
  • Night of the Living Dread by Ida Melum (United Kingdom)
  • Daughters by Jess Berry (USA)