The 2022 edition of Busan International Film Festival will start on October 5th and end on 14th. This is the 27th edition of BIFF.

See the selection at this link and let’s see about the shorts!

Wide Angle – Korean Short Film Competition

  • Canine by Kim Jung-min (South Korea)
  • Carrier Woman by Hwang Dong-uk (South Korea)
  • Door by Lee Minhyoung, Bae Seongyeol, Kim Changmin (South Korea)
  • Flowers by Shin Eun-seop (South Korea)
  • I’m Here by Jeong Eunuk (South Korea)
  • Jooyoung in Wonderland by Chung Hae-il (South Korea)
  • Lake and I by Park Sohyun (South Korea)
  • Leave at Door, Bell X by Lee Jooyoung (South Korea)
  • Other Life by Roh Dohyeon (South Korea)
  • Short Film Universe by Lee Han (South Korea)
  • The Scream by Kim Eun-seong (South Korea)
  • Yeo-young’s Trip to Haenam by Yeo Young-eun (South Korea)

Wide Angle – Asian Short Film Competition

  • A Cambodian Night’s Dream by Guillaume Suon (Cambodia, France)
  • Dear Me by Suchana Saha (India)
  • Destruction by Igor Smola (Azerbaijan)
  • Drunkard by Ge Yuqi (China)
  • Jouissance by Sadeq Es-Haqi (Iran)
  • Shades of Melancholy by Karash Zhanyshov (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Alvin Lee (Singapore)
  • Southern Afternoon by Lan Tian (China)
  • The Memory Lane by Ujita Shun (Japan)
  • The Valley of the Wind by Samira Norouznasseri (Iran)