The 2022 edition of Calgary International Film Festival started on September 22nd and ended on October 2nd. CIFF is Academy Award qualifying.

Winners are announced, visit their website for all the awards and let’s see about the shorts!

Short Awards

Short Film Grand Jury Prize
Censor of Dreams by Leo Berne, Raphaël Rodriguez (France)

Short Film Devon Bolton Memorial Award
Ayoungman by Larry Day, Holly Fortier, Holly Fortier (Canada)
Special Mention: Hard Labour by Apolla Echino (Canada)

Youth Canada Short Film
Is This The Place? by Maxwell Couture (Canada)

Live Action Short Film
No Ghost in the Morgue by Marilyn Cooke (Canada)
Special Mention: Binge Loving by Thomas Deknop (Belgium)

Animated Short Film
The Flying Sailor by Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby (Canada)

Documentary Short Film
Freedom Swimmer by Olivia Martin-McGuire (United Kingdom)
Special Mention: My Dudus by Tom Krawczyk (USA)

Student Short Film
Hollywood by Leni Gruber, Alex Reinberg (Austria)

Audience Choice Awards

Audience Choice Award Alberta Short
Piita Aapasskaan by Brock Davis Mitchell (Canada)

Audience Choice Award Narrative Short
Night Ride by Eirik Tveiten (Norway)

Audience Choice Award Animated Short
Corvine by Sean McCarron (Canada)

Audience Choice Award Documentary Short
Freedom Swimmer by Olivia Martin-McGuire (United Kingdom)

Top 10 Short Films

Top 10 Short Films

  • Ayoungman
  • Corvine
  • Freedom Swimmer
  • Hard Labour
  • Kikino Kids
  • Mink!
  • My Neighbour is a Bear
  • Night Ride
  • Piita Aapasskaan
  • The Diamond