The fifteenth edition of Amarcort Film Festival will happen in Rimini from November 22nd to 27th. You can admire the beautiful illustration by Giorgia Ubaldi in the header of this article. The program is available here.

Today we will explore all the categories and will then see the finalists announcements. Year by year, the festival has been enriched by new and different categories, adding music videos and so on, and also with temporary categories such as HOME made MOVIE in 2020, a selection of films shot at home during the pandemic.

All the names (apart from temporary categories) recall to Fellini’s Amarcord.

All the following categories are competitive and will have a jury and different awards. The main category, Amarcort, is the one with the most dedicated prizes.


Main category, for international fiction short films. The name is a clear play on words with Amarcord – Amarcort, since ‘corto’ is ‘short film’ in Italian.

Maximum running time: 30 minutes.


‘Cortissimi’ category, for super-short short films, from international shorts of all genres. ‘Gradisca’ is the sensual character from Amarcord.

Maximum running time: 5 minutes.


Animation category, for international animated shorts. The ‘Rex’ is the biggest Italian transatlantic in the 30s and is main character of an Amarcord scene.

Maximum running time: 20 minutes.


Category for international student films. ‘Aldina’ is a young character of Amarcord.

Maximum running time: 20 minutes.


Experimental short films category, also open internationally. ‘Gironzalon’ is a quote from Fellini’s Amarcord.

Maximum running time: 10 minutes.


International music videos. The ‘cieco of Cantarel’ is another Amarcord character.

Maximum running time: 5 minutes.


This is the only category not open internationally, but also not a full-Italian one: in fact, the Fulgor category is dedicated to short films from Emilia-Romagna region, where both Amarcort and Fellini were born. Fulgor was the cinema that a young Federico visited as a child, where he started loving the Seventh Art.

Maximum running time: 20 minutes.


This category is for international documentaries, added from the 2021 edition. Before this year, documentaries ran in the main category along with fiction films, therefore a dedicated section was created to give more space to this genre. Calzinazz is another Amarcord character, a poet bricklayer.

Maximum running time: 25 minutes.


Added in 2020, Miranda is another (international) animated short films category but, specifically, is dedicated to shorts for children between 6 and 12 years of age. Children are also the jurors of this category, which name comes from another Amarcord character.

Maximum running time: 12 minutes.


The extra selection for 2021 (in 2020 it was, as previously mentioned, HOME made MOVIE for homemade films during the pandemic lockdown) is called MOViE, open internationally and dedicated to short films about dance and movement, with the use of body language and gestures to express emotions or tell a story. The name is a play on words between to move and movie. MOViE is now a regular category.

Maximum running time: 10 minutes.

Neurodivergent Selection (new – 2022 edition)

This year Amarcort had the pleasure, in collaboration with Rimini’s Local Health Services and Casa Meraki, to host a selection committee composed of neurodivergent people. After having watched short films from four different categories (Gironzalon, Aldina, Rex and Calzinazz), these are the finalists that will be presented and projected during the dedicated event.