Amarcort Film Festival 2022 is coming soon – let’s see the finalists of this fifteenth edition! You can find all the categories and explainations in this article.

About the Calzinazz category, dedicated to short documentaries and reportages…

• Io Sono Il Cosmo by Chiara Ortolani (Italy)
• Nando by Alec Cutter (Brazil)
• Still Here (Aquí Seguimos) by Álvaro Hernández Blanco (Spain)
• The Stream XII by Hiroya Sakurai (Japan)
• Sbagliando S’Inventa by Alice Sagrati (Italy)
• Busy (Bergtatt) by Jan Otto Ertesvåg (Norway)
• Belle River by Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau and Yannick Nolin (Canada)
• Pagirnis by Anastasija Pirozenko (Netherlands)
• Common Language by Volia Chajkouskaya (Estonia)
• Incontro con Federico Fellini (Meeting Fellini) by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo (Italy)
•La Lunga Strada by Alessio Salvini (Italy)
• Mrs Lovely by Alexandre Degardin (France)
• Green Panther (Grüner Panther) by Marcel Scheible (Switzerland)