Amarcort Film Festival 2022 is coming soon – let’s see the finalists of this fifteenth edition! You can find all the categories and explainations in this article.

About the MOViE category, dedicated to shorts about dance and movement…

• Sleeping Beauty by Jana Nedzvetskaya (Russian Federation)
• Errante by Floriana Franchina (Italy)
• Walks With Me by Kati Kallio (Finland)
• Dies bt Stefano Di Pietro (Italy)
• Under Every Skin by Megan Stancanelli (Italy)
• Dominique by Ludovica Amati (Italy)
• In Light by Alice Fassi (Italy)
• Tarot by Alice Kohl (Belgium)
• bodyart by Livia Chow (Singapore)
• La Galerie by Loup-William Théberge (Canada)
• Folds of Wind by Samir T. Radwan (Egypt)
• Tres Pasos by Antonello Matarazzo (Italy)
• Birdsong by Alice Elizabeth Ann Pennefather (United Kingdom)
• Reflections by Fotis Skourletis (Greece)