Amarcort Film Festival 2022 is coming soon – let’s see the finalists of this fifteenth edition! You can find all the categories and explainations in this article.

About the Miranda category, dedicated to animation for young audiences…

• In The Woods by Ivana Češková (Czech Republic)
• Steps (Stupeni) by Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova (Russia)
• Cow (牛) by Wendy Wai Yi Kong (Hong Kong)
• Damn It! by Elena Walf (Germany)
• Hello Stranger by Julia Ocker (Germany)
• The Magnet (Magneti) by Arvan Berisha (Kosovo)
• Cat and Bird by Franka Sachse (Germany)
• Cut-outs (Wycinanki) by Marta Gabiga (Poland)
• Favole dal Mondo Nuovo: L’Assenza dell’Acqua by Fulvio Nebbia (Italy)
• Cool For You by Sherene Strausberg (USA)
• Dream in Color by Marijn Raeven (Belgium)
• Cat and Moth by India Barnardo (Canada, United Kingdom)
• Spoon by Arthur Chays (France)
• Merry Big Mess by Sacha Gosselin, Ambre Bohin, Timothé ballan, Amaury Emond, Hugo Joron, Arthur Morle, Antoine Tomasi, Clémence Van Gout (France)