Amarcort Film Festival 2022 is coming soon – let’s see the finalists of this fifteenth edition! You can find all the categories and explainations in this article.

About the Gironzalon category, dedicated to experimental shorts…

• Dear Eva (Drahá Evo) by Veronika Martiskova (Czech Republic)
• Esterno Giorno (Exterior Day) by Giulia Magno (Italy)
• Pèlagos by Sam3 (Italy)
• Vuja De by Viktor Ivanov (Italy)
• The Fall by Rafael Larx (Mexico)
• 1MTH/MIN by Ethann Néon (Belgium)
• Lo Spioncino (The Peephole) by Tiziana Martini (Italy)
• ETC. by Pablo Millan (Spain)
• My Father’s Damn Camera! (Ta presneta ocetova kamera!) by Milos Tomic (Slovenia)
• Her Violet Kiss by Bill Morrison (USA)
• While my goatee gently bleats by Kong Pahurak (Thailand)
• S[QUARE]D by Helena Gudkova (Ukraine)
• The End of Originality by Laura Zayan (Denmark)
• Everything We Know About You by Roland Denning (United Kingdom)
• Selfi (Selfie) by Gökcan İltöre İlbay (Turkey)
• Les Dieux Changeants by Lucio Arese (Italy)
• Once I Passed by Martin Gerigk (Germany)